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Denver voters to decide multiple city council runoff races Tuesday

Runoffs pit more mainstream candidates against progressive candidates
Denver City Council runoff candidates
Posted at 4:53 PM, Jun 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-04 20:03:08-04

DENVER — In addition to the mayoral runoff between Mike Johnston and Kelly Brough on Tuesday, Denver voters will decide multiple runoff races for Denver City Council.

Even though it’s technically nonpartisan, all three runoff races for city council feature more mainstream candidates facing off against progressive candidates who’ve been endorsed by the Denver Democratic Socialists of America.

In City Council District 8, in the northeastern part of the city, voters must choose between Brad Revare, a non-profit director, and community leader Shontel Lewis.

In District 10, which includes downtown and Capitol Hill, incumbent councilman Chris Hinds faces community leader Shannon Hoffman.

In District 9, Darrell Watson, who has served in a variety of civic roles and run for council before, is challenging incumbent councilwoman Candi Cdebaca.

Watson finished just 218 votes behind Cdebaca in April’s municipal election.

“I'm running for Denver City Council because I think it's important and essential in the next four years that we elect competent leadership that brings the community together,” said Watson, who describes himself as a progressive who brings people together.

Many see the race in District 9 as the most intense of the council races, in large part because Cdebaca has been an outspoken council member and her positions on issues have put her at odds with other members of the council, leading some to endorse her opponent.

Watson describes Cdebaca as decisive.

“My opponent has publicly on social media attacked fellow council members while voting on issues on the dais of the city council,” said Watson. “There’s no place for that in a municipal race.”

Cdebaca wasn’t available for an interview on Sunday, but her campaign team was hard at work making calls to potential voters and canvassing neighborhoods.

In a recent debate, she accused Watson of being in the pocket of corporate interests.

“He can only attack and bully me because he has no positive, truly progressive vision for D-9,” said Cdebaca. “And he can’t and won’t deliver on what he’s promising because he’s beholden to big-money power brokers and the status quo. His best ideas are adaptations of mine.”

Cdebaca, Hoffman, and Lewis have been endorsed by the Denver Democratic Socialists of America.

Voters in District 7 will see two names on the ballot as well, but one of the candidates, Nick Campion, dropped out of the race in April to focus on being a father.

Campion has thrown his support behind his opponent, Flor Alvidrez.

A spokesperson for the office of the clerk and recorder says any votes for Campion will count as undervotes.

“Flor Alvidrez has run an incredible campaign and I wish her the very best. I am confident that she will be a powerful advocate for our community’s residents and businesses,” Campion said in a statement.

Denver’s runoff election is Tuesday.

As of Sunday, 82,000 ballots, or 18.5% of the ballots mailed out, had been returned.

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