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Denver police find ‘significant amount’ of fentanyl in city, warn of increased overdose risk

Posted at 7:16 AM, Nov 06, 2019

DENVER — During a recent undercover investigation, officers with the Denver Police Department seized what they call a “significant” amount of fentanyl.

This synthetic opioid can be up to 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. Overdoses on fentanyl typically occur faster than other drugs. It is so strong that just touching or breathing in can be harmful.

Fentanyl comes in many forms: pills, capsules, rocks, pure powders. When mixed with other drugs, a user won’t be able to see, taste or smell it.

In this case, officers found the fentanyl in a “brick-like form.” They believed it was black tar heroin when it was first discovered.

The U.S. Attorney's Office confirmed the matter had been referred to it by Denver police. An office spokesman said there was an active and ongoing investigation.

Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE), along with the police department, have been monitoring the area for the presence of fentanyl, hoping to reduce the risk of overdose if it was reported here. Police said this is the first time fentanyl has been found in a brick-like form in Denver.

Police said this new form of the drug may pose a higher risk of overdose and death since it may be mistaken for heroin.

DDPHE has asked anybody who misuses these substances or know somebody who does to share this message and ensure they have naloxone available.

Police said they aren’t releasing more information about when or where it was found until Wednesday.