Burglar eats Denver homeowner's beef jerky

Posted at 4:11 PM, Sep 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-14 18:11:24-04

Denver police say they are investigating a series of home break-ins, during which all the thief takes is food.

Police issued a warning on Facebook that similar break-ins have happened at least three times in the last 10 days.

“He looked like a young kid, maybe 11 or 12, which was just bizarre,” said Caroline Palmer, who walked in on a stranger sitting on her couch in her west Denver home on Friday, Sept. 4.  "The television was on, blaring. He was watching Japanese anime cartoons on my Netflix account."

The burglar bolted out her back door, leaving behind a bizarre crime scene.

“He had eaten an entire bag of beef jerky and then there was a box of raisins,” said Palmer, shaking her head. “And there were 10 pieces of chewed gum left in the sink.”

The thief got in through a screen door, she said, but he didn’t take anything.

A few days later, Adam and Laura Gosenca walked into their east Denver home to find the screen had been torn off a window and drawers were open in their house.

“There was a Mountain Dew open on the counter,” said Laura Gosenca, “and I took a drink before I realized…someone else had left it.”

In a third break-in, a homeowner saw two people running from his house and discovered two hot pockets had been stolen from the freezer.

Denver police said they don’t believe the break-ins or other similar cases are connected, but they serve as a warning to lock your windows and doors.

"It's pretty violating to have someone come in your house and be in your things,” said Palmer.