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Dating apps, including one created by a Coloradan, help singles navigate love and politics

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Posted at 8:57 PM, Nov 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-07 15:27:13-05

DENVER — Election Day is right around the corner, which can be a heated time for people with differing views. Today’s political climate can also make it tough for people trying to date.

“I want to have a family and being on the same values is something really fundamental to me,” said Nicole E., 24, of Denver. She requested for Denver7 to not use her full name.

Nicole said she takes finding a life partner seriously. The Denver native said she has had a challenging time meeting people who share her same values, so she decided to join a dating app called The Right Stuff about six months ago. It’s an app for people who share conservative values.

“I haven’t met up with anyone yet. It’s a smaller community in Denver," she said. "But I’ve talked to a lot of people I’m very interested in. Just been so busy. But really excited about the potential."

The Right Stuff was founded by John McEntee in September 2022.

“The idea was actually brought to me by a female friend of mine who said, 'All my girlfriends just want to date Republicans — you should make a Republican dating app,'” McEntee said.

While popular dating apps like Hinge and Bumble give users the option to put their political affiliation on their profile, McEntee said The Right Stuff is more than that.

“We want to just have that out in the open," he said. "You know, everyone on our app is a Republican. They’re conservative. They’re right of center politically, and then it makes you save a lot of time and makes things easier."

Nicole said she plans on staying on The Right Stuff until she meets the right person.

“That is the goal," she said. "That is the goal, hopefully sooner than later."

Dennis Hefter, of Niwot, said he too believes that using a dating app designed for your political views is important. That’s why he is in the process of launching a dating app designed for people across the aisle — socially progressive singles. He got the idea from his sons during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hefter says his sons were telling him that women weren't interested in dating someone who voted for Trump.

The app is called Truublue, and the soft launch in Colorado began in September. Once the app hits 5,000 downloads, it will go fully live in the state with the goal of bringing it to the entire country and beyond. Hefter said the app uses artificial intelligence to help match users with their best fit.

“AI looks at everything you’ve done, everything you’ve said, all the communications you’ve had, they’ve had, and it will come back and recommend a topic and recommend an approach,” Hefter said.

While the app asks users basic things about them, Hefter said it also dives deep into issues socially progressive users care about.

“We also ask you (to) rate your passion on these six social issues, like pro-choice, gun control, climate change,” Hefter said.

Dating apps, including one made by Coloradan, help political-minded singles

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