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Daddy Bruce's Thanksgiving event celebrates 60 years of meals, but still in need of donations

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The Daddy Bruce Feed A Family event celebrated 60 years, but is struggling to find donations.
Posted at 3:17 PM, Nov 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-18 19:18:24-05

DENVER — In 1963, "Daddy" Bruce Randolph fed over 200 people outside his barbecue restaurant in Five Points. It was an event Daddy Bruce continued, even until his death in 1994. Today, his legacy continues as the Epworth Foundation took over with the Denver Feed A Family event.

"Daddy Bruce continued his tradition every year and now this is our 21st year carrying it on," said Xiomara Yanique, the program coordinator.

Feeding the hungry was a ministry for Daddy Bruce. However, 60 years later, the donation drive is having problems.

"Our biggest shortage is financial. We need $400,000 in order to make this happen," said Yanique. "So far we only have $200,000."

Yanique says they've promised the delivery of 5,000 meals a goal they met Saturday morning, but that has left them in debt. The foundation now needs donations. "Everybody knows somebody, we're just asking everyone to give what you can," said Yanique.

A $50 donation pays for a basket of food for a family of eight. Yanique says they're also short on volunteers. Although the event saw over 800 volunteers, the problem is the lack of drivers.

"We were a little nervous about not having enough volunteer drivers," said Yanique. "Fortunately we were able to do it, despite not having all the resources we need."

Daddy Bruce's Thanksgiving event celebrates 60 years of meals, but still in need of donations

Although the shortages were difficult to handle, the event still managed to reach it's goal, due to the help of volunteers like Sawyer Spiering.

"My grandma actually saw it on Instagram and they needed volunteers, so she kind of looped in myself and the whole family,” said Spiering.

His grandmother now works for the Daddy Bruce event and for the past seven years, Spiering and his family have volunteered and then celebrated their success at breakfast.

"Syrup! That's the best spot," said Spiering.

If you'd like to help, The Epworth Foundation has a website for donations and volunteers:

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