Cool Colorado Companies: Rent the Chicken

Posted at 8:39 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 01:25:58-05

You've heard of renting cars, renting homes and renting movies -- but what about renting chickens?

Denver7 is profiling "Cool Colorado Companies" and the innovators who are leading the way, and we found one ruffling feathers in Ft. Collins.

Backyard birds are a movement clucking across Colorado, as one city after the next legalizes chickens within city limits.

"It teaches kids where their food comes from," said Melissa Mitchell, co-owner of the Rent the Chicken Colorado Fowl Franchise. 

Fresh eggs may sound delicious, but not everyone wants to commit to owning chickens.

"It started as a joke really, we said we were going to rent chickens," said Callie Coberly with a smile.

It didn't take long for the two best friends (aka "birds of a feather") to start what they call their "Egg-cellent Eggventure."

Their Ft. Collins fowl franchise rents two hens, a coop on wheels, 100 pounds of feed and a water-dish for six months at a cost of $400. Plus a how-to book and 24-hour support.

They estimate that two chickens lay 8-14 eggs per week.

If you're doing the math, yes, they admit that for $400 you might be able to buy all the supplies, chickens and eggs, but after six months, it might be tougher to "chicken out."

"People who are not sure that they want to commit to owning chickens in their back yard have this trial period," said Coberly.

Rent the Chicken is already getting orders for the spring -- prime laying season.

"A lady in Boulder want a deluxe coop with four hens, so we're going to have to learn real quick how to build a deluxe coop," said Coberly with a laugh.

If the idea flies, they've got more plans for the business -- a backyard farm for the commitment-phobe.

"It could be 'rent the goat' next," said Mitchell.

Rent the Chicken offers two different packages and customers can upgrade to get organic feed.

For more information, click here.


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