Community shows appreciation for local law enforcement

Posted at 10:29 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-26 01:13:05-05

DENVER -- Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness, leave the biggest impact. Such was the case when Morgan Shaff saw a homeless man in a wheelchair on the exit ramp of I-225 and Colfax dangerously close to traffic.

"I think he was just asking for donations or money and so he was just on the edge of the exit," Shaff described. 

Unable to stop and help the man herself, compassion wasn't far behind.

"You can see the officer stopping his bike and getting off his bike to help the homeless man in a wheelchair pick up his dropped items," Shaff said.

The new mother, so moved by what she saw, snapped a picture. Her message of thanks already has more than 200 likes and comments on Aurora Police's Facebook page.

"They don't have to stop, and the fact that they do to help, it warms my heart," Shaff said.

Denver 7 tracked down that officer, who said he was just doing his job.

"Guys in the department and all around the country do this kind of stuff everyday and most of the time it doesn't get noticed. Sometimes it's the small things that help out the most," said Aurora Police officer, Travis Moody.

Small, maybe.

Insignificant?  Hardly.

In the season of thanks, people are taking notice of the good guys. Like Aurora Police Officer Roberts, caught helping a woman with her yard work so she could watch the Bronco's game.

"I like just joining in, build a better relationship with them, it helps us out and shows them not to be afraid of cops," said Officer Roberts.

In Denver, an 8-year-old girl donated money she raised from selling lemonade to the department there to show her thanks.

"Whenever I see a police officer, I smile and wave and they wave back," the girl said in a video posted to the Denver Police Facebook page.

In a year that hasn't been easy for law enforcement, a small thank you, goes a long way.

"I think a big movement that's going around is to make America kind again, and any acts of kindness portrayed especially during this season, it's awesome," Shaff said.


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