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Colorado State Patrol survey finds aggressive, reckless driving the top concern among Colorado drivers

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jan 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-31 11:38:15-05

The latest Colorado State Patrol public opinion survey found the number one concern on our highways is aggressive and reckless driving.

CSP surveyed over 2,000 people about the agency’s performance and the state of the roadways. Aggressive driving was the number one concern, followed by distracted driving and speeding.

“I think we've all noticed a change in driver's behavior over the last few years. I, myself, as a trooper have seen that myself personally, and especially when I'm driving my privately-owned vehicle with my family,” Sgt. Troy Kessler with Colorado State Patrol said.

There’s been a dramatic rise in traffic deaths across the state, with 745 fatalities reported in Colorado in 2022.

Colorado drivers seem to agree there’s a problem, as fatalities on the roads have risen 57% over the past 10 years.

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The survey found that drivers want more enforcement on the highways.

CSP is working to get more troopers out of the academy and prepared to do just that. They have classes running concurrently, and have increased the number of instructors. But the agency says it needs more applicants.

“The Colorado State Patrol is really no different than a lot of other agencies across the country. We're suffering staffing shortages, just like other organizations, even outside of law enforcement,” Kessler said.

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CSP says if you witness aggressive dangerous driving, don’t engage.

“Try not to get emotionally involved in their behavior. A lot of times, that's kind of what they want. Doing a self-check, making sure that you're not getting involved in any kind of road rage incident or doing similar things like speeding or changing lanes. Really, just stay out of it. But we also want you to call us,” Kessler said.

If you witness road rage or any dangerous driving, you can dial *277.

We want to hear from you. When was the last time you had a close call on the road here in Colorado? How did it happen and what did you do?

  • How much do you think lack of enforcement plays into these close calls, versus distracted driving overall?
  • What needs to change to make roads safer not just for other drivers, but for bicyclists and pedestrians as well?
  • How has a close call changed your habits on the road?

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