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About 1.5 million Coloradans choose to pay discounted price for state parks pass while registering their car

Mueller State Park
Posted at 10:48 PM, Jan 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-27 00:48:34-05

The green tag on the passenger side windshield used to be the proof the driver had purchased a Colorado State Park (CPW) annual pass.

But at Chatfield State Park this week, there was barely a green tag in sight.

That's because these people and more than a million others have their park pass now included in their vehicle registration.

It's a program called Keep Colorado Wild.

Instead of $80 for the annual vehicle pass, a driver can now choose to pay a $29 fee when registering their vehicle. The license plate and registration papers are the pass to get you into all 42 state parks.

Keep Colorado Wild is $51 cheaper and you don't have to worry about losing the stickers that never seemed to properly stick to the windshield.

"It's a lot cheaper than coming in every other day and paying 10 bucks. You just pay $29 and it's good for the year," said passholder Robert Sikiyan.

Since CPW rolled out the pass in January of last year, the agency said 1.49 million Coloradans have purchased one — about 30% of all vehicles registered in the state during that time.

The state's goal was for Keep Colorado Wild to generate $36 million in its first fiscal year.

"From the first half of the fiscal year, from what we saw last year, we are more than halfway to our $36 million goal. So yes, we're on track," said CPW Public Information Officer Kara Van Hoose.

This additional revenue will help manage state parks — keeping them clean and helping build new trails and facilities.

It also supports backcountry search and rescue, avalanche safety programs and wildlife and habitat conservation work.

The state has declared the program wildly successful and says Keep Colorado Wild is here to stay.

1.5M Coloradans paid discounted price for state parks pass via car registration

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