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16 tornadoes occurred in Colorado over the weekend, NWS reports

Posted at 10:39 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 00:39:56-04

DENVER — The National Weather Service confirmed Monday a total of 16 tornadoes occurred over the weekend in Colorado.

NWS said nine occurred on Saturday and another seven on Sunday.

Six of the seven tornadoes on Sunday were associated with a supercell thunderstorm heading north and northeast from southwest Washington County through Logan County.

Five of the tornadoes on Saturday developed along and near a stationary front, and the other four occurred in southwest Lincoln County due to a severe storm that tracked almost straight north toward Limon. All of the tornadoes lifted before reaching town.

Almost all of the tornadoes will be ranked as EF-0 or EF-UNK, which means unknown, because they touched down in open fields and produced no damage.

Two of the tornadoes will be rated EF-1, which produce winds of 86-110 mph, because they knocked down 20 power poles. The EF-1 tornadoes occurred along Highway 61 about 4 miles southeast of Sterling and Proctor.

There were also reports of 3-inch diameter hail about 5 miles north and northeast of Proctor from the late Sunday afternoon storm.