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New Colorado location of Living Spaces furniture store faces complaints, poor reviews

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Posted at 6:29 PM, Nov 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-06 20:37:27-05

THORNTON, Colo. — A new player is entering the Colorado furniture market, and some customers contacted Denver7 to report it's a rough start.

California-based Living Spaces launched a Thornton location last month, promising "high style, low prices, and no hassle." And Google reviews show dozens of one-star and two-star reviews since the location opened its doors.

Stephanie Weaver first heard about the new furniture store coming to Colorado on social media.

"I want to see what it's about," said Weaver, who visited the new Thornton location and found a navy blue recliner she liked. "The guy came over and said, 'It's out of stock. But we can get it ordered.'"

Weaver said the problems started when the recliner arrived a few weeks later.

"This is the color I ordered — navy. But instead, I got this peacock teal-colored chair," said Weaver, who said she spent hours trying to get the issue resolved on the phone. "They don't have a direct number to the telephone or to the store. And they couldn't even pull up my correct order."

She ordered a replacement chair, but when it arrived it was the same teal color — not the navy chair she had ordered.

"They never apologized. They sent the wrong chair twice," she said, adding that she also had waited weeks for a pillow. "So we told them to cancel the pillow. We ordered it from Amazon and got it in two days. Same exact pillow."

Similar complaints about delivery issues and customer service can be found on the BBB website, where customers have given the company a one-star rating and hundreds of complaints in the last year across the country.

New Colorado location of Living Spaces furniture store faces complaints, poor reviews

"When I'm looking online, I'm seeing that there are complaints, really, across the board, and so I think that they might have a systemic problem," said Darrin Duber-Smith, a marketing lecturer at MSU Denver, who said people want cheap furniture but it might come with other costs. "Wayfair and Amazon have these same complaints. So I think this company is actually looking at the future of e-commerce in this country, which is fewer returns, and if you want to return your products, it's probably going to cost you money and less expectations on delivery."

Living Spaces has not responded to emails requesting comment on the complaints about the Thornton location.

Weaver said she eventually canceled her recliner order and declined the offer for store credit. She eventually received a refund and ordered a recliner at another store.

"I feel like if this happened to me, who else has that happened to?" said Weaver. "If you don't have something in stock, say it's not in stock and you're not going to receive it. Don't send a different product."

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