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Denver7 Investigates gets travel-related refunds for Coloradans after requests went nowhere

E470 toll
Posted at 5:04 PM, Nov 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-07 19:50:54-05

DENVER — From E-470 to airline tickets, Denver7 Investigates is helping Coloradans get travel-related refunds after their requests went nowhere.

Mike Foster sold his Toyota 4-Runner this year, but accidentally turned off the wrong E-470 Express Toll transponder. A supervisor said they would turn off the correct transponder, but Foster was still responsible for more than $50 in tolls wracked up by the other driver.

"I was irate. I was very upset. They said, 'Well, all we can do is move forward. We can't do anything about it,'" said Foster.

After Denver7 Investigates reached out to E-470, Foster said a supervisor called and gave him a refund for the trips.

"I guess they looked into my account and saw all the charges that were run up by this anonymous person, and they backdated all the charges," said Foster. "So we're back to where we were with your help."

Denver7 Investigates also received a call about a big corporation not resolving what seemed like a small problem.

Rose Duran, a Thornton resident, has spent hours on the phone with over the last four months.

"I had planned to vacation for July, and we lost a family member July 2. And so I canceled it," said Duran.

Her records show United Airlines issued a refund back to, but did not credit her account, as she pays interest on the almost $900 charge every month.

"And [] told me, 'Yes, we got the refund, and we're processing, but it's going to take a while.' That was about a month ago. And then I called back again, and they gave me the same story. 'We're going to escalate it to the escalation team. Someone will call you back,'" said Duran.

When Denver7 Investigates reached out to, a spokesperson said the company escalated the issue to their senior team and reached out to their flight partner, Amsterdam-based GoToGate.

"I feel encouraged, and I'm really happy you guys are here," said Duran. "I always see you guys help people on TV. So I said, 'I'm going to call them to see if they'll they'll help me because I'm not getting anywhere. This refund system isn't working.'"

Denver7 Investigates gets travel-related refunds for Coloradans after requests went nowhere

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