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Morrison installing radar cameras to detect, ticket speeders

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Posted at 9:25 PM, Jan 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-10 23:49:52-05

MORRISON, Colo. — A small Colorado town known for giving out a large number of speeding tickets will soon have two speed radar cameras to ticket drivers who are not following the posted limit.

Last year, the Town of Morrison gave out around 1,700 speeding citations, according to Morrison Police Chief Bill Vinelli.

“We have a traffic safety problem,” said Vinelli.

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Over the years, the tiny town at the foot of Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre has built a big reputation.

“They’ll get you for speeding, that’s for sure,” said Lori Drake, who visits Morrison often.

Drake said it’s common to see cars and motorcycles tearing through Bear Creek Avenue — Morrison’s main street.

It's a problem Vinelli admitted cannot be handled by his nine full-time and seven part-time officers, especially during Red Rocks concert season.

“Me personally, when I'm working in concert, I've had people going 60 into 25 [mph zones],” said Vinelli.

That's why the department is adding two speed radar cameras that will automatically take a picture of your license plate if you exceed a certain limit. An officer will check the accuracy of the citation, and then the $40 ticket will be mailed to the driver's home.

One camera will be permanently installed at the intersection of Colorado Highways 74 and 8 by the town's liquor store. The other will be moved around to different locations.

Town of Morrison

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Vinelli made it clear the citations won’t be limited to out-of-towners.

“Whether you live here or whether you don't live here, you caused it, not the Town of Morrison. We didn't ask you to go fast through our town,” said Vinelli.

Denver7 asked the police chief if he’s concerned the cameras will make Morrison look even more like a speed trap town.

“I do think that’s what they’re going to think. And I’m not worried about the reputation…Hopefully, the word gets out 25 is 25,” said Vinelli.

The cameras will be installed this month. There will be a 30-day grace period, during which only warnings will be issued issued. The cameras will start issuing actual tickets around March 1.

Morrison installing radar cameras to detect, ticket speeders

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