Colorado stylists try unique hair 'filler'

Posted at 11:00 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 11:07:12-04

Some Colorado stylists are exploring a unique way to fill in thinning hair without surgery or adhesives.

When Kimber O'Briens hair started thinning on top because of thyroid issues, the Denver nurse became part of the 40 percent of women over 40 with visible hair loss.

"You style your hair different, you pull it back, do whatever you can to hide the thinning areas," said O'Brien, who also tried steroid shots, which didn't work. "It makes your self-confidence really plummet when you don’t feel like you’re looking your best."

Stylists like Terryl Whorley, owner of Anthology Salon in Lone Tree, hear all about the problem.

"You can have hair loss from illness. You can have it from menopause. You can have it from stress," said Whorley.

She is one of just four Colorado stylists now certified for a unique kind of hair "filler."

"These are my surgical grade goggles, so I can see exactly what I'm doing," she said, as she started to work on O'Brien's hair.

It's called Micropoint Links by Cyberhair, and it is light and strong synthetic hair made from superheated nylon beads.

"I'm applying four hairs to an individual human hair," said Whorley.

Four pieces of Cyberhair are tied onto one strand of natural hair with knots about the size of a grain of sand.

"You can't see them with the naked eye," said O'Brien.

It takes Whorley about two hours to tie in 600 strands, but it can be used in areas where extensions would be too visible, such as the front of the scalp.  And unlike extensions, it doesn't have to be removed.

"They just continue to grow out with the hair," said Whorley.

For O'Brien, the before and after photos tell it all.

"I think they've been working great for me, and you can wash them style them curl them flatiron them," she said with a smile. "The day after I had them done everybody noticed something was different, but they couldn't tell, 'Oh my gosh, she went and had something done.'"

The links come with a hefty price tag, $200 per visit, and stylists recommend getting more strands every four to six weeks as the hairs shed.

And the links aren't for everyone -- clients must have some hair in the area they want filled in, in order to tie on the Cyberhair.

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For more information on Micropoint Links, click here. To contact Whorley for more information, click here.


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