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Englewood dance studio closed for nearly a month after pipe bursts, business floods

Despite Allana Scourfield-Thomas' best efforts, a pipe in her studio froze during the deep freeze, then burst when temperatures began to rise.
Allana’s Academy of Dance
Posted at 10:08 PM, Jan 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-21 00:08:26-05

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — An Englewood dance studio has been closed for nearly a month after a pipe burst on Christmas Eve and flooded the facility.

“It was about three inches. You could hear the water just pouring through the walls. And the force of the water had actually pushed through the drywall at our entrance,” said Allana Scourfield-Thomas, owner of Allana’s Academy of Dance.

A pipe in the wall froze the week of the deep freeze, then burst as temperatures began to rise, despite Scourfield-Thomas' efforts to keep that from happening.

“I had turned all the faucets onto a drip, opened all the kitchen cabinets just to be sure,” she said.

The flooring in all four studios buckled and needed mold mitigation.

“We need to redo all our flooring. And they have to cut into the drywall as well, which they're going to start on Monday,” said Scourfield-Thomas.

The owner says contractors told her repairs will cost between $80,000 and $140,000, and she's not sure if her insurance will cover it.

“When we had moved into the space, our insurance limits were supposed to go up,” said Scourfield-Thomas.

She says the policy limits were never changed, and business loss coverage was not added.

“It’s just a lot to take in,” said Scourfield-Thomas.

Scourfield-Thomas is worried she might not be able to afford the cost of repairs, despite already paying $10,000 out of pocket. She's also worried about the impact it will have for her students and their families.

“Definitely sad because this is our second home,” said dance mom Kelley Kellogg.

Kellogg's 8-year-old daughter, Kinsley, has been coming to the academy for seven seasons.

“I was kind of worried that I couldn't dance,” said Kinsley.

Thankfully, other studios in the area have opened their doors for some of Scourfield-Thomas' dancers in the interim so they can practice for an upcoming competition.

Denver7 reached out to the Small Business Administration for some business insurance tips, so owners don't wind up in a tough spot. According to the SBA, when it comes to reviewing your insurance needs:

  • Assess your risks. What kind of accidents, natural disasters, or lawsuits could damage your business? For example, if your business is in a commercial area that is at risk from seasonal events such as fire, or you are in a flood zone, commercial property insurance will help protect against loss.
  • Find a reputable licensed agent. Commercial insurance agents can help you find policies that match your specific business needs. They receive commissions from insurance companies when they sell policies, so it's important to find a licensed agent that’s interested in your needs as much as his or her own.
  • Shop around. Prices and benefits can vary significantly. You should compare rates, terms, and benefits for insurance offers from several different agents.
  • Re-assess every year. As your business grows, so do your liabilities. If you have purchased or replaced equipment or expanded operations, if you have entered into lease agreements where insurance is required, if the costs for building in the area are noticeably rising, you should contact

If everything goes smoothly, Scourfield-Thomas hopes she can reopen her studio sometime in February.

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