Pro, anti-Trump protesters clash at Civic Center Park

Posted at 2:59 PM, Mar 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-25 20:19:51-04

DENVER – Dozens of protesters from different sides of the political spectrum clashed at Denver’s Civic Center Park Saturday afternoon.

“We the people are calling for Congress to Impeach Trump!” reads an event created by anti-Trump protesters on Facebook.

The group, who organized the Impeach Trump Now! rally was protesting President Donald Trump’s controversial policies as well as his alleged ties to Russia saying, “It’s clear Mr. Trump is not only unfit, but also unable to serve as president.”

"There is no question the guy plays it fast and loose all the time," said Mike Wong, one of the demonstrators. "At some point, somebody is going to be able to get him."

But the group wasn’t the only one at Civic Center Park claiming to stand up for America.

“We are marching for our President, Vice President, Military and First Responders,” said pro-Trump protesters who organized the Colorado MAGA March on the website.

"I am tired of seeing this country divided," said Carla Wise, a Trump supporter attending the rally. "I do believe that we need to build this wall. I have nieces and I'm afraid for them. I'm afraid of what's coming into this country." 

Meanwhile, a third group of anarchists and far-left demonstrators staged a counter-protest, surrounding the Trump demonstrators, holding banners that read “NO PLATFORM FOR HATE” as well as “AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT.”

"We want to prevent the same thing (as liberals), which is what we think is an imminent formation of fascism in the United States," said one protestor named Albert.

Police on bicycles and motorcycles quickly moved between the protestors and acted as a barrier to prevent violence, and SWAT carefully watched nearby.

No one was hurt, and one person was arrested, but police said it was a transient unrelated to the demonstrations.

Watch what happened at Civic Center Park below: 


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