Lost dog claimed by stranger is found and reunited with family

Posted at 10:48 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-16 01:07:34-04
DENVER -- A TV news story, a tip-call, and a happy ending for a Denver family that was searching for their lost dog. 
A Denver family's pet went missing on Sunday, was found by a Good Samaritan, but claimed by a complete stranger responding to a Craigslist ad. Denver7 reported on it back on Tuesday
The story led to an anonymous tip. Some legwork later, and Denver7's Jason Gruenauer found the dog at a home in Arvada. The person in possession of the dog, named Lilly, said it was a huge misunderstanding and that they wanted the dog to go home. 
The only transportation available was Jason's news cruiser. 
A short (and adorable) car ride later, and Lilly was reunited with her family. 
"I think she's kind of in disbelief and so are we," her owner said. 
"What really brought her back to us was the story aired on 7," he said. "Through the help of the team at 7 they were able to track her down. So we are forever grateful to Channel 7 Denver for finding her."
To watch Jason's report, click the video above.