Standoff in Cherry Creek North over, suspect taken into custody

Posted at 3:39 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 01:49:03-05

DENVER -- A standoff in Cherry Creek North is over nearly four hours after a carjacking suspect was contacted by Denver police late Wednesday afternoon. 

Denver police officers said the suspect was not seriously injured, but the standoff did not end the way they had hoped.

"Not really the result we would have preferred tonight," said John White. "We would have preferred he exited the vehicle on his own."

White said it started around 2:45 p.m., when the suspect tried to carjack a woman who was parked there. She ran, and he barricaded himself in the car.

Police would not comment on what the suspect said to them. They did not know if he was armed, but as a precaution in the busy neighborhood, they assumed that he was. 

Negotiators brought in a linguist to try to communicate in different languages, but White said the suspect never responded, so they had to use rubber bullets to get him out of the SUV.

"We always want to slow things down and make every effort to communicate to get them to come out on their own. That’s the desired outcome," said White. 

Bromwell Elementary School in the Cherry Creek neighborhood was placed on lockout in response to the standoff in the area of 3rd Avenue and Josephine Streets. 

The school went on lockout at around 3:22 p.m. and officials notified parents via Twitter that students were being released on the north side of the building, adding that students would only be released to guardians with an ID.

Denver Police Department Officers advised travelers to expect delays in the area as they tried to contact the carjacking suspect. 

Denver7 photojournalist Eric Goody was told by a police spokesperson that officers responded to reports of a vehicle in the area after one person got out a car while another stayed inside. 

At one point during the standoff, police and SWAT had the vehicle surrounded. 

Second and 3rd Avenues and Josephine and Columbine Streets were closed but have since been reopened, according to police. 

A lockout is when staff members are on increased alert and all school doors are locked. During a lockout, normal school activities continue indoor as planned.


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