Aurora considers special vote on red light cams

Posted at 10:54 AM, Apr 25, 2016

Pending the outcome of state legislation, Aurora's City Council is considering a special election on the city's photo red light program, putting the controversial cameras to a vote of the people.

State lawmakers have voted to ban the cameras statewide last week, but the governor is likely to veto that bill.

So, some members of the Aurora City Council want to give citizens a chance to weigh in, proposing a vote on the November ballot.

"There was also some discussion about having a special election in April because the November ballot is so crowded," said council member Charlie Richardson.

Aurora police have said the cameras have reduced T-bone collisions, and they are proposing expanding the programs.

Aurora has 14 red light cameras at 10 intersections, generating $3.3 million in revenue last year, some of which went to nonprofits and law enforcement.

"I’m not going to vote for photo red light if the world is coming to an end," said Sally Mounier in an April 11 study session. The Aurora City councilwoman is proposing a ballot measure asking voters whether to ban photo red light traffic tickets.

Richardson is proposing a similar measure.

He also expressed concern in that study session about the most profitable violation for the city, left-turn violations, because yellow lights at left turns are shorter -- three seconds instead of four.

"A three-second left turn is a revenue rip-off," said Richardson.

Last week, the council also delayed voting on renewing the contract with Xerox, the photo red-light provider, pending the result of the statewide legislation.


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