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Morgan County couple in their 80s cleaning up damage after tornado hits their home

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Posted at 5:49 PM, May 16, 2023

BRUSH, Colo.— A Morgan County couple is struggling with repairs after a tornado hit their home during severe storms last week.

“This one had its eyes right on us,” said Beth Dirkes.

The tornado hit right on the home Beth and David Dirkes, both 86 years old. The home suffered extensive damage both inside and out.

Beth said the tornado hit their home around dinner time last Wednesday.

“We were just getting ready to eat and sat down and then it started hailing,” said Beth. "David says, 'Mom, get down here we gotta go downstairs' and the next thing we know, we heard glass — all heck went loose.”

Beath said she was scared to death "because I never thought I’d be in a tornado."

About a half an hour later, Beth said they came upstairs to see damage everywhere. They found debris and downed trees all over the property. Part of the roof blew off, windows were shattered and Beth’s bedroom was gone.

“That was a bedroom roof. I don’t know where it went,” said Beth.

Some of the furniture in her home shifted around in one spot and family pictures that were in albums were found scattered all around the outside of the house.

"This is the way they picked them up. I had two great grandkids out here one day picking pictures up like an Easter egg hunt,” said Beth. “We found an album on the ground and how it got out I don't know because it was in a drawer.”

Morgan County couple in their 80s cleaning up damage after tornado hits their home

Beth and her husband are now left picking up the pieces with the help of family.

“Too old to do this,” said Beth.

The couple is waiting on their insurance to find out how much repairs will cost.

“I don't know if part of it will be salvageable or whether we'll have to take part of it down,” said Beth.

The Dirkes are calling a trailer on their property home for now until they can move back inside their house which Beth said may not happen for months.

“I’m hoping to be out before winter, but I don't know,” said Beth.

Beth said their home has been a family gathering spot for holidays and other celebrations for many years.

If you'd like to help them rebuild, a GoFundMe has been set up by family members to help the Dirkes.

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