Greeley murder victim's daughter speaks out

Affidavit: Man's wife, sister conspired in murder
Posted at 10:00 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 00:40:12-04

GREELEY, Colo.  -- An arrest affidavit released Wednesday sheds light on the August death of Randy Baker and how his wife, sister and nephew are accused of plotting to kill him.

Meanwhile, his daughter calls him "the best father in the world" and said he did nothing to deserve what happened to him.

"He was just amazing. He was present," said Betty Winick, speaking about her father Randy Baker. "He was tender, I guess is the best word. And a listener. When he was with you there was nothing else he worried about when you were there, that’s all."


For years, Winick said, she worried her father's heart condition would cut his life short, but she never imagined the people he loved could possibly be the cause.



"I had my suspicions, but I thought maybe I had watched too many murder mysteries and I was letting my mind kind of go," said Winick.



But the arrest affidavit shows a web of family dysfunction. It states that this summer, Kelly Baker, his wife of 18 years, was having an affair and that she told Randy she was tired of "waiting for him to die."


His sister, Carol Baker, the affidavit states, helped hiw wife clear all the valuables out of their home, and that Baker brought in her career criminal son, Kelly Raisley, who is accused of being the gunman.

"We aren't a bad family and this is just as bizarre to us as it is to anybody," said Becky McAllister, Randy and Carol Baker's aunt, who said the siblings had always been close.  "The is something that the whole family is going to have to live with for the rest of our lives."


For Winick, though, it's clear the motive was, at least in part, money. Records state her stepmother Kelly was the sole beneficiary of $123,000 in life insurance, and she was already selling the house and Randy Baker's Harley Davidson motorcycle.

 "Do I think it’s all about money? No But do I know what it was? No." said Winick, who wants people to know that her father was an addiction counselor helping men get their lives on track; he was an incredible grandfather and he did nothing to deserve what happened to him other than choose the wrong people to love. "I mean, he had an enlarged heart and that’s what we joked about was that it was enlarged because he loved so many people so much."


The affidavit contains many details about the investigation and evidence leading to arrests. To read it, click here.