Family fears missing Aurora teen tied to friend's death

Posted at 10:53 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 18:07:05-04

UPDATE: Sesina Akelom was found safe Wednesday and is currently in law enforcement custody with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.


AURORA, Colo. -- The homicide investigation into an Aurora woman's body found near a Clear Creek County highway may be connected to the disappearance of another Aurora woman, family members fear.

Sesina Akelom, 19, hasn't been since since March 22, according to family members, who said they are now certain that something is terribly wrong.

"I need my daughter. I don't know where she is," said Tsigerada Ghebreyesus, Akelom's mother. "I just cry every night, every morning, every day."

Last week, family members saw the computer generated composite of a woman whose body had been found in Clear Creek County and immediately recognized Akelom's best friend, Queen Ashby.

"Without even a name, we just put it together," said Janelle Johnson, Akelom's cousin. "They were last seen together. If her friend that she was with that night ended up dead, it kind of gives you speculations of, 'OK, well, where is she at?'"

Friends say Ashby and Akelom, both former students at Overland High School, were inseparable.

On March 22, Akelom borrowed her mother's car to go out, and Gettay Sisay, a good friend of Akelom said she knows the two girls were together.

"I love her to death, and I pray to God no one did anything to her," said Sisay. "Just please help us [find her.]"

Family members said help has been slow in coming, in part, because Akelom disappeared for a week three years ago and came back. Now, though, they said it has been more than a month, her mother's car is still missing and her best friend has been confirmed dead.

"I can't tell you what I feel in my stomach," said Ghebreyesus. "Please, I need my daughter back."

She said she has filed a missing person report in Arapahoe County, but Akelom's name isn't found in any databases yet. The Clear Creek County Detective investigating the Ashby case said they have no information on Akelom or any connection to the homicide case.

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