Denver band Wildermiss takes show on the road to their fans' front door

Posted at 9:39 PM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 23:39:41-04

DENVER — A Denver-based band is giving a new meaning to "taking the show on the road."

After the band Wildermiss had their gigs canceled due to the pandemic, they had to get creative.

"People Just need music. This is really a positive thing today," said band member Seth Beamer.

All day Friday, the group went from home to home playing 5-10 minute sets, asking for a $50 donation per song.

"This is the most exciting thing we’ve had in like, two months," Wildermiss fan Dave Walter said.

The group played 20 gigs on Friday for fans around Denver. Fans who booked the band could pick the songs they would play.

"I like all of them so I picked my girlfriend's favorite one which is "Tunnel Vision,"" said fan Joe Keresey.

The idea was such a hit, there may be more days like this to come.

"We’d love to keep doing it," Beamer said.