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Women pay for custom wedding games and gifts, end up feeling scammed

Posted at 9:49 PM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 01:09:19-04

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DENVER -- If getting married isn't stressful enough, several Colorado brides have reached out to Contact7 to say they feel they've been scammed. They all ordered custom wedding games or gifts from the same company, only to have the wrong items delivered or get nothing at all.

The bridesmaid's robes in Janelle Roberts' wedding may have been pretty, but Roberts said they are not even close to the color she ordered.

"I had picked this really light, sky blue one, and when I received the robe, I got this grey blue color here," said Roberts, who ordered from the business ByMomma, run by a Thornton woman named Courtney Kamdar. "I didn't get the product I asked for, and she refused to give me a refund."

So Roberts posted a review on a Facebook group, and the comments started rolling in. Brides and moms were also posting about orders that were late, wrong, incomplete or that never arrived after payment.

"After I posted a review of her, I learned a lot of other people had similar issues, if not worse," said Roberts.

Kris Fox said she ordered several custom lawn games for her son's wedding and paid $225 for them. Then, she heard nothing for weeks.

"Sometimes, yeah, I feel like I’ve gotten scammed," said Fox. "A wedding is stressful enough without having to do this."

So we also reached out to Courtney Kamdar via phone, Facebook and text with no response. Her website and company Facebook page have disappeared.

And Kris said since she went public, Courtney has finally reached out.

"And I’m supposed to get the games tomorrow," said Fox. "I want to see these brides get the stuff they ordered, too."

It's too late for Roberts, who just wants to make sure other brides don't waste their money.

"You just expect to get what you pay for," she said. "Before you buy you should read the reviews!"