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Denver7 partnership helps relieve $1.6M in medical debt

Letters will go out next week
Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 10, 2020

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DENVER -- The cost and confusion surrounding our healthcare system is a challenge for Colorado families to navigate. That's why Denver7 launched a new initiative called Contact7 Gives: Cost of Care.

Denver7 took that initiative a step further and donated $15,000 to a nonprofit called RIP Medical Debt. They used that donation to buy medical debt from creditors for pennies on the dollar and the result is staggering.

The $15,000 donation purchased more than $1.6M worth of medical debt in Colorado, according to figures provided by RIP Medical Debt. They also provided Denver7 with a county-by-county breakdown of debt that was purchased.

Yellow envelopes with the RIP Medical Debt and Denver7 logo will soon go out in the mail next week. If you get one don't throw it out, it means a portion of your debt or all of your debt was forgiven.

Denver7 has no control over who will receive an envelope. Their debt was simply part of the bundle covered by the $15,000 Denver7 donation.

If you receive a letter saying your debt was abolished, we would love to hear you story. You can reach out to our Contact7 team at 303-832-0117 or