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What is Medical Debt Rescue?

Medical debt is something thousands of Coloradans struggle with, and one in 10 Americans have medical debt in collections. Collection companies are buying this debt for pennies on the dollar and coming after you for the full amount.

So, we did the same thing — only instead of coming after families, we're getting rid of the debt, no strings attached: nearly $2 million worth for families in Colorado.

The cost? Just $15,000.

We want to tell stories of families struggling with debt, and families who have escaped. We want to shine a light on the problem facing so many and work towards finding solutions.

We also want to erase even more debt, with your help.

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Please note: Through RIP Medical Debt, we are not able to select what medical debt is paid -- in fact, due to HIPAA laws, we're not even told who specifically had their debt paid, only the county in which they live. To learn more about RIP Medical Debt, click here

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