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Colorado health care worker found motorcycle and car stolen as she left for work

"I just would never think that this would happen to me."
Posted at 9:12 PM, May 24, 2020

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DENVER -- The pain 26-year-old Dollaya Tresner feels isn’t only about losing her car and motorcycle.

"I just would never think that this would happen to me. It’s not fair to take something away from someone that they worked so hard for," she said on Sunday.

Out of high school, Tresner joined the Navy, and she there saved up money and bought herself a motorcycle.

"My brother helped me put lights on it, helped me put an exhaust on it," she said.

She left the Navy to continue going to school while working as a surgical technician in Aurora. Because of the coronavirus, she moved from the operating room to help COVID-19 patients.

"I sat with a few COVID patients and you really just sit and watch over them for the night," she said. "It takes a toll on you."

More than a week ago, she went into the secured garage at the Alexan Cherry Creek Apartments and found her motorcycle was gone.

"I initially though that they just towed it because I parked kind of where the bicycle racks are," she said.

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When she went to get in her car on another level, it was nowhere to be found, she said.

Denver police found the car last Thursday and Tresner says she’ll be getting it from impound next week with no idea what condition her car is in.

But there is still no sign of her bike.

"It’s really like heartbreaking," she said. "I love my motorcycle and Iove my car and I’ve saved up and done all of this on my own."

She said she is puzzled by how someone could take everything from her when she’s risked her life to give back.

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