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Three people receive refunds, answers after Denver7 Investigates steps in

All three recently reached out to Denver7 Investigates after they had exhausted all other options, and all three saw positive results after their stories aired.
Getting Results: Contact Denver7 helps people get answers, refunds
Posted at 6:55 PM, Sep 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-06 11:29:55-04

Elke Alcott had paid a subcontractor $3,000 for a carpet job that was never completed. Anthony Whitehouse had been waiting since January for catalytic converter parts after thieves hit his Toyota Prius. Tony Landi was caught in the middle of a dispute between his insurer and a storage company that left him without his furniture after a sewer backup on Easter flooded his basement.

All three recently reached out to Contact Denver7 after they had exhausted all other options, and all three saw positive results after their stories aired.

Contact Denver7 recovers more than $50,000 for Coloradans so far this year

Contact Denver7

Contact Denver7 recovers more than $50,000 for Coloradans so far this year

Jaclyn Allen
9:58 PM, Aug 18, 2023

For Alcott, she was approached by a man named Julian Soto, a subcontractor who said he could do her carpet replacement faster and cheaper than Home Depot's contractor Hom Solutions, which had hired Soto for the job. But after she paid him, Soto disappeared for months.

Soto never replied to Contact Denver7's requests for comment, but Home Depot and Hom Solutions gave Alcott a refund and installed her carpet.

"They've been working very hard and very fast," Alcott said. "I was able to get the carpet from Home Depot at a discount. So Home Depot and Hom Solutions have been going out of their way to make things right, and I'm very thankful. And I am thankful for Denver7."

Whitehouse spent nearly nine months unable to drive his car with no end in sight. His auto mechanic said Toyota had been a "nightmare" and it was taking longer and longer to get parts after a catalytic converter theft. But two days after Whitehouse's story aired and weeks before predicted, his parts arrived.

"I think it must have accelerated getting us the part that we needed," Whitehouse said. "And by the end of the day Wednesday, we had the car fixed and back at home. It was amazing."

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Contact Denver7

Enterprise drops charge for rental car hail damage repairs for Denver woman

Jaclyn Allen
6:45 PM, Aug 22, 2023

Landi was unable to do laundry or use his basement for months as his washer, dryer and basement furniture were in storage. His insurer, Travelers Insurance, and The Contents Company, a storage business, argued over the cost of storing his things while his basement was repaired after the flood.

Shortly after the story aired, The Contents Company agreed to accept $13,000 from the insurance rather than the $24,000 it requested. Travelers Insurance cut the check and Landi is on his way to getting his furniture back.

"I think nothing would have happened without you guys. So I just appreciate you guys doing this," he said.

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