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'So relieved': Denver mover returns family's belongings more than 1 month later

More customers claim late deliveries, hostage loads
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Posted at 5:25 PM, Jul 07, 2021

AURORA, Colo. — A family moving from Aurora to Texas is relieved to have all of their belongings back from a Denver mover who they said held onto everything they own for more than a month.

Brandi and Alex Apolinaris opened three storage units in Aurora to find everything they own packed to the ceiling.

"Bikes. I see our bikes in the back," Brandi Apolinaris shouted with joy.

"Nice," Alex Apolinaris said, smiling broadly. "I'm so, so relieved."

Monday, the Apolinaris family was in a very different mood after reaching out to Contact Denver7 and Aurora Police in desperation when a mover disappeared with all of their belongings for more than a month.

It turns out the mover involved is one Contact Denver7 has exposed before: H&M Relocation Services and David Zoda, who's also known as Huseyn Nemat-Zada. He's connected to multiple moving companies and many complaints.

Meanwhile, more people are coming forward with similar stories.

"So, they've had our stuff since May 20," said Amber Lemley, who said H&M Relocation Services was supposed to store her family's things until June 17 and then ship them immediately to Texas. "Nothing. He hasn't responded one time to me. I have no idea where my things are."

Lemley said she called the storage facility where H&M was supposed to be storing her belongings and was told the contents had been auctioned off.

"My baby died a few years ago, and the box from the hospital that has his stuff on it, his blanket and everything, that's on there," Lemley said. "And those are things I can't get back. I have nothing else."

In a text to Contact Denver7, Zoda admitted he wasn't prepared for a "crazy busy season," but promised that Lemley's items would be delivered as soon as a truck is available.

After the Contact Denver7 story and the threat of theft charges, Zoda finally told Alex and Brandi Apolinaris where their belongings had been stored and released the items. An army of friends and family are now helping them do the heavy lifting, and Alex Apolinaris is driving three trucks on three separate trips from Colorado to Texas.

He said they will keep fighting to get back more than $15,000. But from toys to family heirlooms, the boxes they now have represent their life, and they have it all back.

"I love Contact Denver7," Brandi Apolinaris said.

"Without you, I don't know if we would have gotten our stuff this quick, if at all," Alex Apolinaris said.

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