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Residents infuriated with Denver apartment complex following multiple car thefts

City Gate Apartments broken gate.jpeg
Posted at 6:36 AM, Feb 23, 2022

DENVER — Residents in a downtown Denver apartment complex are raising the red flag after multiple cars were broken into and stolen.

"We've had problems with homeless people coming into our garage," said Alyssa Southland, a resident at the City Gate Apartments.

Multiple residents who live at the City Gate Apartments off of Brighton Boulevard said the broken parking structure gate has been left wide open for several months.

"It has been stuck open consistently since November," Southland said. "They're like well, 'there's a whole five story garage that's not being attended to... let's just break in and see what we can get, see what we can sell' and it sucks."

Mark Gordon, another resident at the complex, has experienced the problem firsthand.

"One day, I was about to go to the store, and I looked to my left and it wasn't there," said Gordon, referring to his brand new motorcycle that was stolen from the garage. "It was a 2017 Triumph Three-Twin. Only vehicle I've ever bought new."

Gordon's frustration is shared among other tenants.

According to a Denver open data crime database, six vehicles have been stolen from the apartment since November, and more than a dozen people have had items stolen from their cars.

Residents said they've inquired about the delay in fixing the gate. In an email obtained by Denver7, an apartment manager said, in part, "due to supply chain issues nationwide, the part is taking longer than anyone would like."

In another email sent to some residents, the apartment complex said they have increased security to patrol the garage area, but many residents said they have not noticed that increase.

"Our cars are all getting broken into all the time," said Alex Nader, another resident whose car was broken into Sunday. "It's really frustrating."

She started a petition on Monday demanding management to fix the gate. It already has more than 150 signatures, most of whom are residents.

"I love living at City Gate. I think a lot of people really like living here... We just want something to be done," Nader said.

The apartment complex and their ownership group did not respond for comment Tuesday.

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