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Infuriated residents calling out downtown's 'Grand' Apartments amid several issues, flooding

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Posted at 10:47 PM, Dec 03, 2021

DENVER — The only thing "Grand" about The Grand Apartments in downtown Denver are the multiple issues that have been flooding the property for the last several years, according to former and current tenants.

Literally, "flooding," the luxury apartment, where rent can cost well above $5,000.

"I moved out because there were multiple floods in the building," former tenant Jamie Grayson said.

Multiple videos from 2020 and this year were provided to Denver7, showing water pouring down from a unit's ceiling and an entire hallway flooded with a few inches of water.

"The whole hallway was flooded," resident Tavorris Garrett said. "There was people at the end of the hallway crying because they didn't know what was going to happen next."

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) confirms they investigated complaints about the floods, but did not issue a violation because repairs were underway.

However, they did issue a violation for mold in 2020, a problem residents say is still apparent.

One resident requested test results for new mold that was found and they were shocked at how management responded in November.

In a notification sent to that resident in November, management said, "I understand that you are wanting to see the results form the mold test that was done but we will not be providing you with the results. This is a test that has been prepared for our company and it is our decision to not share those results. We understand your concern about not being able to see the data in the results, but that is our decision. You can be sure that we will take the appropriate action based upon the results and what our vendors recommended to us."

Residents say it's exchanges like those that have built distrust with management, according to resident Ashely Tauch.

"That's my biggest concern. It's the transparency issues with them," Tauch said.

Garrett agrees.

"Management by far, it was probably the worst I've ever dealt with," Garret said.

On top of all that, Tauch said, "two huge panes of glass fell off a [23rd floor] balcony and shattered down below."

Management confirms the incident occurred.

"It could have killed someone." Tauch said. "I was walking my dog, it could have killed a dog."

These issues have prompted tenants to attempt breaking their leases, but some told Denver7 that management asked them to sign non-disclosure agreements and pay additional fees.

When Denver7 showed up at the apartments Friday, management sent a notice to tenants about 30 minutes after stating, in part:

"We are committed to providing our residents an 'all grand' living experience and for some, we have not delivered on those expectations. As a result we made the decision to allow residents to end their lease without penalty and we are not currently leasing new apartments until we are confident that we can again deliver."

In a statement to Denver7, a spokesperson for the apartment said in part, "The Grand is preparing for property-wide repairs related to water damage and isolated incidents related to balcony railing glass maintenance ... At The Grand, the health, safety and comfort of our residents is our highest priority, and we will continue to pursue any and all avenues to resolve these ongoing issues."

For current residents, mending a broken relationship has sailed.