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Englewood neighborhood outraged by city's plan to build 5G tower in front of home

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Posted at 6:06 PM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2023-11-21 14:45:04-05

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Residents in an Englewood neighborhood are outraged after construction began on a new 5G tower in front of a home near Union Avenue and Galapago Street.

"They tried to tell us it was just a light pole replacement," said homeowner Lindi Hehn. "They're trying very hard not to mention the fact that it's a 5G tower, but it is."

Denver7 confirmed with the City of Englewood that it is a 5G towner and the first AT&T tower installed in an Englewood residential neighborhood.

The city plans to disguise it as a wooden pole with an antenna mounted above the streetlight arm.

"The box is partially on our property," Hehn said, referring to the access point contractors built last week, which is positioned next to the location of where the 5G tower will be built.

She requested the city send an employee to survey what is city property and what is hers.

"Almost like a foot of the box is what is on our privately owned property at this point," Hehn said.

Christopher Harguth, a spokesman for the City of Englewood, said the survey isn't finished, and if the findings indicate the access point is within private property, crews will be required to reposition it. Even so, the city did not mention moving the 5G tower to another location.

Hehn pointed out while there isn't any definitive research regarding the health implications of these towers, there is plenty of stigma surrounding them, which is one reason she is concerned about her property's value.

"So the biggest concern is going to be property value decreasing," she said.

Chris Forinash, who lives across the street, is also worried about his property losing value.

Joy Dysart, a Denver metro realtor, believes these are viable concerns.

"The cellphone companies need to do more research to provide to homeowners," Dysart said. "If a [homebuyer] can see it, or you can hear it outside of a home, it's potentially an issue if they see a house down the street, same price, same condition, and it doesn't have a cell tower."

It's likely that these 5G towers are going to be more apparent in communities across Colorado as technology continues to advance. But in that process, Hehn's situation may indicate that residents don't get a say in the matter, at least in Englewood.

"I don't think the city has been doing its due diligence on this process," Hehn said.

In fact, back in September, the same project was attempted a few doors down from Hehn's home, but was immediately halted.

According to Harguth, AT&T "had not consulted with the Public Works Department nor received site approval prior to the work beginning at the previous location. That location was determined to be unsuitable due to requiring a new tower to be constructed for the antenna."

It is unclear when construction of the 5G tower in front of Hehn's home will be completed.

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