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Sending a little extra warmth on a Coloradan's life-saving mission to Ukraine

Helmet with Ukrainian flag
Posted at 6:28 PM, Nov 07, 2022

ESTES PARK, Colo. — Winter is approaching in Ukraine, and the mayor of Kyiv is warning the residents of his war-torn city that they must prepare for months of no heat, water or power as Russia strikes Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

As the war drags into its ninth month, many Coloradans continue to support the Ukrainian people from afar. But some, like Aiden Sinclair, are taking help overseas to the front lines in person—thanks in part to generous donations to Denver7 Gives.

“This is what $75,000 worth of relief supplies looks like,” Sinclair said, gesturing to 22 large bags sitting in piles around his dining room table.

Colorado Marine prepares for his 3rd trip to Ukraine

The contents of the bags included sleeping bags, thermal underwear, body armor from the Estes Police Department, medical supplies, and protective helmets that Sinclair has been accumulating through donations for months.

“[It’s] all the things that we could think of to help keep people alive,” he said. “You know, keep them going for one more day.”

If you recognize the name Aiden Sinclair, it could be from the Stanley Hotel, where he now regularly performs as a magician. Before he was performing tricks for amazed crowds in Estes Park, though, he served as a United States Marine. His time in the military, he said, primed him for this moment in world history.

“That’s what you put the uniform on for, is to serve not just our country but others,” Sinclair said. “You serve people as a whole. You stand up for democracy and rights.”

Rather than throwing on his uniform to fight again, Sinclair adopted a new mission: to trek overseas with lifesaving supplies for the men and women fighting on the frontlines. He has made two trips to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion earlier this year, and he is now embarking on his third. It comes right at the start of the bitter Ukrainian winter.

“They need new helmets. They need sleeping bags and thermal gear because it’s cold there,” he explained.

Thanks to your generous donations to Denver7 Gives, we were able to pack a little more warmth in Sinclair’s bags as he departed for the battlefield. Eight hundred dollars worth of thermal base layers were supplied for the brave men and women fighting for freedom on the front lines. Sinclair said all of the donated supplies will not only provide necessary aid but also hope to the Ukrainian people.

“Even though it’s just one guy—it’s just me with a bunch of luggage—it shows that I care, and by proxy, my country cares about you,” he said. “That gives people hope they’re not forgotten. They’re not alone.”

Sinclair said he has been fielding the costs of transportation for the supplies to Ukraine and plans to continue deliveries of aid. In addition to contributing all proceeds from his show at the Stanely Hotel to the cause, he has been accepting donations online for those who want to support from afar.

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