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'I feel like I won the lottery': Denver7 Gives raises $20,000 for COVID-19 survivor nearly homeless

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Posted at 9:00 PM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2021-12-22 11:43:40-05

AURORA, Colo. -- There's been a dramatic change in Ravi Turman's life since we last saw her Dec. 3.

After nearly dying from COVID-19 in April -- she lost her job, lost her home, and her car no longer worked.

"For so long, I felt like no one cared about me and my daughter. Even though I survived COVID, I felt like we were all alone," Turman explained.

When Denver7 met Turman five days ago, she was down on her luck. Turman and her daughter ran out of money and were going to be homeless by Wednesday.

"I just need help. I just want, I just want help," Turman told Denver7 back on Dec. 3.

Thanks to Denver7 viewers, she got it. One Denver7 viewer offered to let Turman and her daughter stay in his vacant rental property.

"He said, 'you can stay in the condo as long as you want. We’ll even paint it for you, whatever colors you want,'" Turman said.

Another viewer offered to fix her car.

"To pick me and who am I? It’s amazing. It’s really amazing," Turman said.

Colorado's generosity didn't stop there. Through the Denver7 Gives fund, more than $20,000 have been raised for Turman.

With that money, Turman plans to furnish her new place, payoff her car, and finally get her belongings shipped from her old state of Indiana, to her new state of Colorado.

"If you saw my bank account right now, I got two dollars," Turman continues, "I feel like I won the lottery."

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