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Help single mother in Marshall Fire move into temporary housing

Posted: 3:47 PM, May 07, 2022
Updated: 2022-05-07 19:30:46-04

SUPERIOR, Color. – The challenges Marshall Fire victims are facing in Boulder County are far from over, four months after the fire devastated the community.

Denver7 spoke with a single mother from Superior who lost her home of 12 years and had been struggling to find temporary housing while figuring out her rebuilding plans.

“This was mine and my children's home. And I am just lucky to be alive,” said Kristiana DeRolf.

DeRolf found comfort in the few things that did survive, like a patch of flowers and a statue that used to stand in front of her home.

“When I purchased the house, I purchased the statue it was at my front steps. The statue is called the ‘Circle of Friends,'” said DeRolf. “It was a hard touching message to me. It's going take a circle of friends and a community to survive this and to rebuild and to return.”

The devastating fire brought her a new friend, Michelle Lee, who heard the family’s story and has stepped up to help.

“I’m very fortunate for my friend Michelle. She has become our family advocate to provide us with resources and saying, 'hey, this is happening here today,'” said DeRolf.

Finding a place to live was one of the most difficult challenges, but she found a place where she’ll move in with two of her sons and pets in July. But they are still facing hardships.

“The disadvantage is that insurance, some of them are not covering the funds and we have to come up with this substantial amount of money to have that place,” added DeRolf.

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DeRolf plans to rebuild in Superior but says she doesn’t want Marshall Fire victims to be forgotten.

“It will take the whole community to rebuild. It will take the state of Colorado to rebuild. That's what we hoping for,” she added.

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