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Help Denver man replace e-bike after it was stolen during Uber Eats delivery

A man from Denver who received an e-bike voucher through the city's program had it stolen weeks later
Posted: 3:42 PM, Oct 02, 2022
Updated: 2022-10-03 10:21:21-04
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DENVER — A Denver man is without transportation after his e-bike purchased with the help of Denver's e-bike rebate program was stolen during an Uber Eats delivery.

Andrew Bayer heard about the city's rebate program and decided to apply for it.

He was lucky enough to snag one of the vouchers a week later.

"I was so excited. I'd been looking at e-bikes for years," he said.

Help Denver man replace e-bike after it was stolen during Uber Eats delivery

The program can offer anywhere between $400-$1,700 off an e-bike, depending on your income level and the type of bike.

"I got like $1,700 off, which was amazing because I wouldn't have been able to afford a bike like that without that," Bayer said.

But it was all short-lived. The bike was stolen two months later while Bayer was out working.

"It was horrible. It makes things a lot more difficult," Bayer said.


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He told Denver7 the bike was stolen one night he stopped by a Walgreens to pick up items for an Uber Eats delivery.

"I have another job too but that just covers bills. I did the Uber Eats for extra money and stuff," he said.

He also said the bike was his main mode of transportation he used to get to his job in Thornton.

Bayer said he reached out to the company and was told the insurance does not cover lost or stolen items.

He also reached out to the city and was told he would not be able to get another voucher.

"Unfortunately, they said there's a limit to one per person," he said. "I'm pretty frustrated. I rode that thing all day, every day. It's just a bummer."

There's now a Denver7 Gives fund set up to help Bayer. On the Denver7 Gives page, click on the dropdown menu and select "Help Andrew Replace E-Bike" to donate.

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