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Halloween decorations stolen from Littleton family's yard

Items were stolen from single mom with two kids.
Halloween decorations stolen from Littleton family's yard
Posted at 8:55 PM, Oct 19, 2021

LITTLETON, Colo. — After weeks of doing household chores and getting good grades, two Littleton children had earned the chance to create an elaborate Halloween display. But just days later, the decorations were stolen.

"The decorations cost a lot," Courtney Miller said.

A month ago, Miller promised her two children, Anthony and Charlotte, new Halloween decorations if they would help around the house and maintain good grades.

"We really value work ethic. It's always expected that the kids work their hardest in order to earn these fun things," Miller said. "It's just the three of us here, and that's a pretty new change for us as well. So, they were struggling a little bit in school but really showed a lot of dedication and preservation to get their grades up and help around the house."

Miller said she purchased and displayed around $500 of Halloween decor in her Littleton front yard.

On Monday, home surveillance showed a thief taking most of the decorations around 6 a.m.

"I was so sad," 5-year-old Charlotte said.

Miller said while her children are disappointed, she ultimately cannot afford to replace all of the items that were stolen.

"We're on this new journey — just the three of us without dad. So, we just really want to make the holidays special this year and do the best we can to enjoy it," Miller said.

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