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Denver7 Gives thanks volunteers at Arvada’s largest community food program

A breakfast surprise – and a Denver7 Gives fund – for Community Table in Arvada.
Posted: 7:10 AM, Dec 08, 2023
Updated: 2023-12-12 18:06:18-05
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ARVADA, Colo. — During December, Community Table in Arvada is buzzing with activity. The nonprofit, whose food pantry is center stage, serves between 80 and 120 families each and every day.

“I think our record was 127 in one day. That's 127 families. So it's a lot of people and a lot of food,” volunteer Marilyn Lambert said.

The sorting is done in the back — a large garage where cans, fresh fruit, vegetables and more are checked and organized to be put out on shelves. The "shopping" portion is done out front, in a store-like model using a points system where people fill their own carts.

“If they choose the food, then they're picking food that their families are actually going to be able to utilize,” Community Table Chief Operations Officer Rocky Baldassare explained.

Around 300 volunteers help run the pantry, and several other services offered by Community Table. Among them, are three former Denver7 Everyday Heroes. Marilyn Lambert works the computers at the front desk, John Beattie is a longtime truck driver, and Andy Fitzpatrick does a little bit of everything.

“It means a lot that you're recognized for doing the work that actually you have a good time doing. It does mean a lot,” Marilyn said, sitting under three framed photos of the organization's three Denver7 Everyday Heroes.

Denver7 anchor Jason Gruenauer surprised those everyday heroes and the large team of volunteers at Community Table with a breakfast of coffee, donuts and muffins, courtesy of Safeway.

“We can appreciate them as much as we can, but seeing other people come in to appreciate – that means a lot,” Baldassare said.

To continue in that thanks, and provide support for the nonprofit’s work, Denver7 has opened up a Denver7 Gives fund, where all money raised will be donated to the nonprofit.

“Every dollar that you donate, we can provide up to three meals for families,” Baldassare explained.

For more on the mission and programs of Community Table, click here.

Denver7 Gives thanks volunteers at Arvada’s largest community food program

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