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Denver7 Gives raises $41,561 to save Welton Street Café

Welton Street Cafe
Posted at 8:24 AM, Jul 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 13:57:59-04

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DENVER — After a year of major challenges that included a pandemic, a non-working HVAC system and plumbing issues, Welton Street Cafe in Denver's Five Points neighborhood was in danger of closing its doors for good. But then Denver7 viewers stepped up to help.

Back in May, Welton Street Café co-owner Fathima Dickerson said the restaurant was forced to close for days at a time due to issues with the building.

“Welton Street Café will be in danger of closing its doors at the drop of a dime… The plumbing here is a headache,” Dickerson said. “Our elevator currently is not working. That's another $3,000 repair.”

Dickerson reached out to Denver7 Gives for help with repairs to the building.

Dickerson said even though they don’t own the building, the issues were having a major impact on their business.

“We feel like the money may be an issue as to why these repairs are delayed. The reality is, how can we help them help us immediately?” Dickerson said.

Over the past three months, some issues have been resolved but the bills have continued to pile up.

“It’s still pretty challenging. We got our elevator fixed which is good. We’re still trying to balance the temperature of the complete restaurant because the HVAC — it has been repaired, but it’s been warm outside,” Dickerson said. “We’re still determined to be here. We’re still determined to service our community.”

Denver7’s generous viewers gave $41,561 to the Denver7 Gives fund to help save Welton Street Café.

“We have to thank the customers. This was all community. This was not us. This was people believing in us being here,” Dickerson said. “Thank you everybody who supported, who called, who offered time, money. Thank you, this goes a long way,”

Dickerson said with this money, they can stop focusing on just surviving another day and start looking toward the future of Welton Street Café which may include a bigger restaurant while hopefully remaining in the heart of Five Points.


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