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Denver7 Gives helps Colorado family pay rent after unexpected health issues, financial obstacles

Denver7's generous viewers came together to help the Presutti family
Posted at 4:58 PM, Jan 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-08 19:55:16-05

DENVER — A Colorado family facing unexpected challenges after the traumatic birth of their daughter is getting some much-needed help thanks to you.

It started out as a healthy pregnancy for Amy Presutti, but it took a scary turn during her delivery, she said.

Now, Presutti and her baby, Sovereign Joy, have been dealing with unexpected health complications.

"Everything was fine up until labor. I just got a really bad infection," Amy Presutti said.

Presutti said her baby girl was born with no heartbeat for around seven minutes.

Denver7 Gives helps Colorado family pay rent after unexpected health issues, financial obstacles

"Once they got her heart beating and breathing, she was given about three days to live," she said.

Presutti, who has been dealing with health complications after giving birth, has not been able to go to work. Her husband, Stephen, has had to cut back his hours to help with their baby and other two young children.

"It's not full-time, it's been part-time, two, three-quarter time, whatever I'm able to do while helping out with the baby," Stephen Presutti said. "And with Amy, because she's getting better."

After we shared their story, our generous Denver7 Gives viewers came together to alleviate some of the Presutti family's financial stress.


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Community members raised enough money to pay the family's February rent.

"Thank you so much. It really means a lot," Amy Presutti said. "I feel like we give and we help others but it's hard. It's hard to be on the receiving end when you're used to being on the other side. But it means a lot to just know that many people can come together and do something for you."

Amy Presutti said things are looking better for her and baby Sovereign.

"Overall so much better. I'm starting to feel like me more and more every day. [Sovereign] is doing really good. She's been bottle learning for quite a few weeks now and she's doing really great at it," she said. "We’re at the point where she may be able to get off her tube completely in the next couple of weeks."

After a difficult few months, the family is looking forward to a fresh start this new year.

"Just because last year was just so rough, I'm looking forward to just being home and having a normal life," Amy Presutti said. "And trying to figure out what it looks like with her and just getting her the best help that we can so that she can be the best person that she can be."

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