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Denver7 Gives gifts food, hotel stay extension to families displaced by apartment complex fire

Denver7 Gives gifts food, hotel stay extension to families displaced by apartment complex fire
Posted at 4:41 PM, Dec 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-19 20:15:37-05

DENVER — Dozens of families at a south Denver apartment complex are feeling the ripple effects of a fire that happened earlier this month.

They were forced to leave their building when asbestos was found inside a wall during the fire clean-up. Now, these families are left to pick up the pieces just days before Christmas.

“There’s a lot of families knowing what they’re going to do," said Brenda Corral, one of the displaced residents.

“We’re living in suspense not knowing what we’re going to do with no home," said another resident, Eduardo Cabral.

The families have been staying at hotel for the past two weeks, and were told their rooms would only be paid for through Monday. But our generous Denver7 viewers stepped up to help these families.

Thanks to donations from the community, Denver7 was able to extend their stay through the holidays.

"It's really helpful. It helps us save money to find a new place to live," said Corral.

Denver7 was also able to take the families shopping for groceries at Walmart.

"This is helping us big time 'cause we needed all this stuff for days. So this gets us going for another few days," said Cabral.

Now the holidays, and Eduardo's wife's birthday this weekend, will be a little brighter for these two families.

'With this cake, we’re gonna celebrate like we're supposed to," said Cabral.

Your generosity is making a big impact for these families who have been through so much.

“Everything was left behind at the apartments. They took everything from us, but we are thankful for you guy’s help," added Corral.

"Everybody that is involved with this, God bless you all. Thank you very much," added Cabral.


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