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Denver7 Gives covers life-saving care provided by shelter for dog who was stabbed

Money allows shelter to continue to help other animals
How to help support the Golden animal shelter that saved dog who was stabbed
Posted at 9:48 AM, Jan 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-15 12:01:53-05

GOLDEN, Colo. — On New Year's Eve, Denver7 visited Foothills Animal Shelter to meet a four-year-old dog named Esme, who had reportedly been stabbed by her owner.

Thanks to emergency care paid for by the non-profit organization, Esme's life was saved and she has since been adopted.

“I was here when she got adopted actually, and the lady was just wonderful. So, she's in a great home, she never has to worry about a thing again," said Chelsea Rodgers, the Shelter Services Coordinator at Foothills Animal Shelter.

PREVIOUS REPORTING: Help support a Golden animal shelter that saved dog who was stabbed

Veterinarian Andrea Palchak monitored Esme closely after the emergency care the dog received.

Denver7 Gives covers life-saving care provided by shelter for dog who was stabbed

“We were just keeping close tabs on her, just re-checking her and making sure she was continuing to look good," Palchak said. “We basically were just monitoring the external wound on the side of her chest, and once that was looking pretty good, we really started looking for adoption.”

Palchak said the total cost of the emergency care needed to save Esme's life was around $3,000. Thanks to generous Denver7 viewers and the Denver7 Gives Foundation, the shelter was reimbursed entirely for Esme's treatment.

“It's just nice to know that people care, because I think sometimes it's easy to think that no one cares when you see how sad it can get," Rodgers said. “The good just absolutely outweighs it. I meet some of the nicest people just doing adoptions. These people truly care about these animals and what's going on.”

Foothills Animal Shelter relies on donations and grants to continue caring for animals.

The shelter is hosting an adoption special on January 17, which would have been Betty White's 101st birthday. In honor of White, the shelter will be offering $101 off all adoption fees.


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