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Colorado animal rescue struggling without donations since start of pandemic

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Posted at 9:25 PM, Nov 26, 2020

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BAILEY, Colo. -- With scabs all over his body and plenty of hair missing, it may be hard to believe but Chris, a dog rescued by RezDawg Rescue, is doing much better.

"He’s definitely the worst case of mange I ever saw. He definitely needed some help," said Chris' foster parent, Jillian Rain.

Angela Cerci, founder of Rezdawg Rescue, spotted Chris at a shelter in Gallup, New Mexico, and took him to Colorado. The move potentially saved Chris' life.

"Sometimes down in the Four Corners, the vets see so much of these cases, they just say, 'OK, why don’t we just euthanize that one? There’s not really any need, especially in a case like mange," Cerci said of rescuing Chris.

Multiple times per year, for more than a decade, Rezdawg Rescue heads south on a mission to find animals in need of a good home.

"On average, we transfer in between New Mexico and Arizona, the Four Corners, about 1,700 animals. Dogs, cats, an occasional rabbit," Cersi said.

This year, they've already exceeded that number. The pandemic has created of backlog of animals in the Four Corners needing care.

"Animal shelters were shut down in the Navajo nation for like, two months," Cerci told Denver7.

While the need for Rezdawg and their volunteers has never been higher, their donations have never been lower. Cerci says donations are down about 40% from last year and care for innocent animals like Chris, come at a high price.

"You’re looking out for a dog in his condition, depending on how much he bounces back, about 800 bucks and that’s kind of on the lower side," Cersi explained.

Chris will need about three months of recovery. Soon enough, he will need a forever home. If you'd like to donate to Chris or other animals from RezDawg Rescue click here.

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