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Contact Denver7 Getting Results: Park It Right returns "unlawfully towed" car after seven months

Towing company plans to appeal
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Posted at 4:57 PM, Feb 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 20:27:57-05

DENVER — Contact Denver7 has been exposing predatory towing in Colorado. Last month, a Denver judge ruled that a woman’s car was illegally towed, but the tow company still refused to give it back. Until today.

Spoiler alert. This story has a happy ending.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you," said Dene Attaway, as she quickly walked toward the car she had not seen in more than seven months. "I don't know where I would be right now if you guys hadn't stepped in."

When this story started last summer, things were going from bad to worse for Attaway.

"On June 28, I had a flat tire, parked in my carport," she said. "I went out the next morning for work had a boot. The next day, my Jeep was gone. They had unlawfully towed it."

A Denver judge agreed with Attaway in January, ordering Park It Right (also known as Towing Done Right) and her property management company to pay more than $3,000 and give back her car.

"They refuse to follow the order and return my car," said Attaway. "And that's when I called Contact Denver7."

Park It Right and owner Joel Perry would not respond to our requests for comment, but in a court appearance Wednesday morning, her attorney agreed to return the car that day contingent on finding another party to tow it.

"I think in the you guys being present this morning for this bond appearance hearing was huge," said Attaway.

Red Widhalm with Red's towing had already reached out to Contact Denver7 to volunteer to help immediately.

"I felt she had been wronged and I was just trying to show her all tow companies are not the same," said Widhalm, who added that Perri gives the tow industry a bad name. "We're not always vultures like that. A lot of us are in business and we treat people good all day long."

She requested a tow to a nearby mechanic to have her car inspected for damage.

Meanwhile, Park It Right's attorney told the judge they plan to appeal the decision.

Attaway said she will keep fighting, even though this could drag on for another year.

"I'm so grateful I have my car back," said Attaway. "I really appreciate you guys standing against this and shining the light that you have on on their really ugly predatory practices."

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