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Contact Denver7: Concert tickets disappear from online Ticketmaster account

Customer gets delayed response from Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster may reportedly require concertgoers to vertify vaccine, negative COVID test before attending shows
Posted at 5:59 PM, Dec 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-21 20:35:38-05

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A Lakewood mother wants to share a warning to Ticketmaster users after a frustrating experiencing when her tickets disappeared from her account.

The tickets the mother snapped up before they immediately sold out might seem surprising.

"I know who Bad Bunny is," Ann said with a laugh. "But my daughters are Bad Bunny fans. I bought the ticket for my daughter."

Turns out, her hard-to-come-by Bad Bunny tickets were also hard to keep.

Ann asked to only be identified by her first name to protect her privacy since hackers have made her a target. Earlier this month, a Ticketmaster email confirmed that her Bad Bunny tickets had been transferred to someone else, much to her surprise.

"Oh my God, somebody stole my tickets," she remembered thinking.

Ann reached out to Ticketmaster to try to get her tickets back. Despite an automatic email promising a response in 24 to 48 hours, she says she waited more than a week for a response from Ticketmaster.

"There is no phone support," Ann said. "You have to contact them by email, and then you're at their mercy."

Contact Denver7 reached out to Ticketmaster and also did not received a response to questions about how the tickets were stolen and how many customers this has happened to. However, a quick search shows similar stories about vanishing tickets on the news and on social media.

Some recent comments on Ticketmaster's Facebook page include:

  • "My tickets have disappeared. What on earth is going on?"
  • "My tickets say I transferred them to someone."
  • "Why is my account not showing my tickets?"

"Yeah, I'm not alone," Ann said.

After more than a week, she says Ticketmaster responded to her emails and returned her tickets to her account.

"I did get my exact tickets back," she said. "Word to the wise: Check your emails, read your email, change your passwords, do two-factor authentication."

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