Douglas County deputy gets surprise proposal

Posted at 10:05 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 01:15:26-04

A longtime Douglas County Deputy gets the surprise of a lifetime while responding to a call to help a stranded motorist.

"My car is right over here," said Douglas County Deputy Christy Odum, who took us along for a ride along she won't soon forget -- she just didn't know it from the start. "I've been with Douglas County for 14 years now."

Odum thought we were doing a story about women in law enforcement -- her family profession.

"My mother, two of my sisters and, of course, me are all in law enforcement," she said proudly.

And while that part of her story is really interesting, we were excited about the next part -- the call that came on her police radio about a stranded motorist.

"A big day. A little nervous, but I think I'm ready," said Kurt Klewin, the "stranded motorist", who is really Odum's boyfriend -- and not stranded at all.

"Nobody knows about this," he said with a smile. "Her boss knows about this, and you guys know about this."

He has been planning the surprise for months, renting a car and coordinating with her captain and dispatch.

See, Odum loves surprises -- she told us herself that it's her favorite part of being a deputy.

"You go to different kinds of calls, you run into different types of people. You kind of never knew what you were going to get," she said.

You can say that again. Still, you can see the surprise on her face as she walks up to the "stranded driver" and realizes -- it's her boyfriend.

"Oh! What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I knew right away that I wanted to spend a lifetime with you and grow old with you," said Klewin with a smile.
"And so I had a question to ask you. Christy, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

"Of course I would, babe! Oh my goodness!" said Odum, starting to cry. "I am in shock. I had no idea!"

Not many calls end with her saying her face hurts from smiling so much.

"He did good," she said, looking at her engagement ring. "He did good."


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