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Denver's unhoused population served breakfast by familiar face at the Denver Rescue Mission

Posted at 9:30 PM, Apr 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-15 08:22:52-04

DENVER — Changing the lives of those experiencing homelessness. That's the message behind the Denver Rescue Mission, and one of their volunteers takes that to heart. Mark Sorency knows mostly everyone there on a first-name basis.

"There are some stories that are amazing that people have shared with me down here," Sorency said. "How did they end up there? You know, it's one or two things [that] can put you out there."

Over the past year, Sorency has spent countless hours feeding others with his own distinctive flair.

"When I go home, I take a nap," he joked. "Hey, [at] my age you work this hard — you need a nap!"

"[It's] just such a happy place," Sorency said. "They built such a team here, where they make it fun and you really feel like you're making a difference."

But Sorency's commitment goes further than just serving meals.

"I did a fundraiser for my birthday, and my friends and family stepped up in a big way," he remembered. "We donated over six thousand eggs for breakfast. And it wasn't me — it was my friends and family. Next year, we're going to do 10 times that I guarantee it."

And even more than that he's an advocate for those in need.

"I'd encourage anybody that wants to serve to get down here and serve a meal. It'll change your perspective of where you're at and where they're at," he said. "You can sit at home and second guess homelessness and what causes it. It's a complex problem, but you can come down here and give them a warm meal!"

That perspective, among Mark Sorency's dedication to the Denver Rescue Mission, is why we're proud to call him this week's Everyday Hero!

Denver's unhoused population served by familiar face at Denver Rescue Mission

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