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Colorado man connecting high schoolers to scholarships, no matter their background

Meet Mike Raleigh with Minds Matter Colorado.
Posted at 9:30 PM, Nov 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-27 00:48:33-05

DENVER — Even though winter is on the way, one classroom at West High School has its focus on a different season. Minds Matter Colorado is a Denver-based nonprofit that connects low-income and first-generation American students with summer college prep programs, mentorship, and guidance — from volunteers like Mike Raleigh.

"This is my 16th year with Minds Matters, and what's kept me coming back is the really cool community," said Raleigh. "The kids are amazing, and they're fun to work with. And they're appreciative of you."

Tamkin Gawhari is a senior at Green Mountain High School in Lakewood. She moved here from Afghanistan, just a few short years ago.

"Coming to the US, I had no idea how schoolwork and college applications worked — and how the process looked like," remembered Gawhari. "Every single time I've had any problems with my applications or with my summer programs, I've gone up to [Mike]."

That process can be overwhelming for any student — volunteers like Mike, help kids navigate their journey into higher education.

"They don't have to be here," said Gawhari. "And they're spending their Monday nights at West High School, to just help me get through my applications and my senior year."

So, on behalf of Denver7 and West Shore Homes — we're proud to call Mike Raleigh, an Everyday Hero!

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