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Colorado coach teaches players football as well as the importance of helping others

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Posted at 8:15 PM, Sep 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-05 16:26:51-04

DENVER — Whether at practices or games, Colorado Cowboys coach Theodora Warrior teaches her youth players as much about life as she does the game of football.

“We love what we do,” she said. “We love kids and we love football.”

“She really disciplined me and my friends to be better as people,” added Chevelle Early, Warrior's godson. “It’s definitely taught me a lot, like about growing up and maturing and being a man.”

Early worked his way up through the Cowboys organization. He said Warrior requires a lot of hard work from her players, but in exchange, those players get her never-ending dedication.

“Say someone, like a new kid, comes in and needs a ride home or some food, she’ll do anything for them,” Early said.

Rides, a confidante, a shoulder to cry on — Warrior does it all, including providing a back-to-school barbecue dinner for her players and their families where she also arranged for 100 backpacks filled for school supplies to be handed out to the players and some of their siblings.

Helping others is something she’s wanted to do since she was a young girl.

“My grandmother used to have us watching this show, "(I’m a) Waiting Child," and she was always talking about adopting kids,” she said. “I remember thinking, ‘when I get older, I’m going to adopt all those kids.’ This was my way of adopting all the kids.”

Fellow coach Jamar Mayfield said Warrior is known for being there for anyone at any time, regardless of what they need.

“With Coach Warrior, it’s not about winning and stuff,” he said. “With her, it’s about giving back to them.”

Warrior's spirit is contagious. She works at the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration and recruits her co-workers to help out whenever the need arises.

“Theo doesn’t have to ask me for anything,” co-worker David Kanagy said. “The answer is already 'yes' before she comes and asks.”

“We love giving back,” Warriro added. “It’s all really about the community and what we can do to give back to the community.”

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