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Children's Museum of Denver's volunteer keeps market running for young visitors

Posted at 8:52 AM, Jan 21, 2014
and last updated 2016-01-11 10:06:10-05

After nearly 40-years as an elementary school educator, most of us might want a break from small children. But 7Everyday Hero Tony Slavec is spending retirement helping children learn.

Slavec gives his time at the Children's Museum of Denver. He helps maintain the "My Market" exhibit, a favorite of museum goers.

"They always remember the market from when they were kid and if it wasn't for Tony we couldn't have that museum day to day.  He makes that market go around," said Ryan Hainault, Children's Museum of Denver.

Slavec volunteers at the museum every Wednesday for the four years. Much of his time is spent in the backroom repairing and resealing the grocery products for the hands-on market.

"There is never a down time here at the museum.  It is always busy," said Angela Caudill, Children's Museum of Denver.

"Like the popcorn, they (the children)want to see if there's any popcorn in there and they tear the thing apart," said Slavec.

So, Slavec repairs the boxes, hundreds of them, year round. He has spent a lifetime helping others.

"Well, I was the original play clock operator for the Broncos," said Slavec.

But helping children learn has been Tony Slavec's passion.

"I was a teacher and principal of elementary for the Denver schools for 39 years," said Slavec.

"We absolutely love him and we're glad that we have him with us," said Caudill.

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